What do you know? WMD in Iraq?

What do you know? WMD in Iraq?

Well, what do you know? There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I guess it’s a good thing we went to war for oil because we might not have gotten these. And they were used by terrorists against our troops? Do you think they’ve been hiding them all this time?

Seriously, this tells us several things. For one thing, as every serious person knew, Saddam indeed had WMD. It also tells us that much of it must be hidden around the country (and maybe outside it) and the terrorists operating in Iraq are led by people at a high enough level to know where it is. And they must be getting desparate to start using it in this way, as roadside bombs.

Of course, as has been said many times before, these weapons were not the only reason to get rid of Saddam. He was himself the big “weapon of mass destruction.” Still, finding this stuff might make some annoying naysayers pipe down for a while. Not for too long though; they’ll soon find something else to latch onto.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli