What are they apologizing for?

What are they apologizing for?

I don’t understand this. A priest in the Diocese of Springfield, Mass, was suspended after he admitted getting his housekeeper pregnant. And now the diocese is apologizing to him because it said he was suspended in 1999 for having an affair with a married woman, when, in fact, a diocesan investigation found the accusation “not credible.”

Why are they apologizing? What they should be doing is re-open the earlier investigation since there seems to be a pattern of behavior. If you’re “falsely accused” of something and then admit doing it in another instance later, chances are the first time wasn’t false.

By the way, notice how quickly the diocese issues an apology to the priest. It took the housekeeper months to squeeze an apology from the bishop for the priest’s actions and even then it wasn’t a public press release like this.

Update: Link fixed.

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