Welcome to the party

Welcome to the party

NewsMax and Judicial Watch have discovered the presence of Bob Bennett and Leon Panetta, two Clintonistas from “Sexgate,” on the National Review Board.

“Bob Bennett and Leon Panetta qualify for the ‘who’s who’ of cover-up experts, not for membership on the bishops’ National Review Board for combating sexual abuse,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “Or maybe that’s the point?” he added.

In other words, they are insuating that since Panetta and Bennett helped Clinton cover up Lewinsky and Paul Jones, that’s why they were picked for the committee. Of course, it’s not like they did that great of a job, although they did keep Clinton from being kicked out of office.

  • Reagan did not lie about his record or his life. Those are the same old lies that were circulated by his enemies in the 80s.

    And Clinton does not fall any particular place on the political spectrum because he doesn’t believe in anything but personal power and satisfaction. If he could have gotten the same thing being a conservative he would have been one (like he tried to be back in Arkansas). However, liberalism makes it easier to be a self-involved faker so he chose that instead. (Plus I’m sure Hillary had something to do with it; I am sure she is an ideologue.)