VOTFers oppose marriage protection amendment

VOTFers oppose marriage protection amendment

(Excuse me if I’ve blogged this before; it sounds familiar but I can’t find it in the archives. Either it’s early onset senility or VOTF is just getting repetitive.)

Voice of the Faithful-New Jersey is making no pretensions toward the national organization’s claims of “centrism” and taking no position on “controversial” dogmas. No, they are out and out heterodox Catholics who openly reject Church teaching. To wit, here is their September bulletin in which they slam New Jersey’s bishops for fighting to protect marriage, for not allowing female or married Latin-rite priests, for working to ensure the words of the Liturgy offer worthy worship to God, and so on. In their own words, in part:

Rather than trying to bring healing and harmony between peoples, they work to deny loving, commited homosexuals their civil right to marry and institutionalize bigotry!

Rather than changing the celibacy law which severely limits the pool of people available to serve the people of God, especially with regard to the Eucharist, they cling to their man-made laws which keep people without the Eucharist and overwork the priests that we have. They would rather see parishes close than change their man-made laws!

Thus, VOTF-NJ is leading a new political campaign against the Marriage Protection Amendment on the ballot in New Jersey in November because they see it as “exclusionary, homophobic, unjust, unchristian (sic).”

And don’t forget to check out their list of speakers this fall, every one of them a dissenter or critic of the Church. Tell me again how VOTF is a “non-partisan” and “centrist” group of people looking to reform the Church without changing her teachings.

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Domenico Bettinelli