VOTF is coming to town

VOTF is coming to town

So Voice of the Faithful is holding a Boston-only convention next month. One guess as to where it’s going to be held. (No fair peeking!). Yes, it will be at Our Lady Help of Christians Parish in Newton, Mass. That’s the parish of Fr. Walter Cuenin, the one who testified in front of the state Legislature in favor of gay marriage and led the 58 priests who called for Cardinal Law to resign and is in the leadership of the Boston Priests Forum and is one of the driving forces behind VOTF itself. And yes, that’s the parish that was going to allow a New Age group to hold occult services there until the news got out and they pulled it, and it’s the parish at which the Archdiocese of Boston ordered that no archdiocese-affiliated groups could meet.

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  • Not only does “Voice of the Faithful(tm)” claim the big tent role, but so does Father “Call Me Walter” Cuenin and his merry band.

    From his “anniversary newsletter” (lemme know if you want a .pdf file):

    “We welcome Catholics who are very connected and those who are barely hanging on. We welcome married couples, single people, divorced and remarried couples. We welcome gay and straight people, people of every race and nationality and all minorities. It is our hope that this anniversary will truly be a time for everyone to find a welcome home at Our Lady’s.”

    Kelly <——surprised they were able to scrounge up 500