Voicing unacceptable beliefs

Voicing unacceptable beliefs

A talk radio program on a Spanish-language network is in hot water with gay activists. And even some advertisers are saying they don’t want to be associated with the program: “‘We would never buy time around that show,’ Sullivan said. ‘We would never endorse those kinds of comments. It’s not who we are.’” What did they say that was so offensive, so out of line, so hate-filled? Did they call for people to beat up gays in the street? Did they call for outright discrimination against gays? What was so bad?

  • And I’ll show you a stack of studies and testimonials from former homosexuals and their therapists who say it does as well as many statements to the effect that the various associations you cite say it doesn’t work because they have been politicized so much.

    The only statements that fly in the face if science are ones such as yours that buy into the fallacy that homosexuality is an inborn genetic disposition, not a mental disorder in some people that can cured. There is not one shred of evidence to support that contention. Not one.