Vocation factories

Vocation factories

Now here’s a parish living up to its duty to provide for itself. One of the reasons for parish closings in Boston is a decline in the number of priests. Others have made the observation that if only every priest encouraged a single vocation in his lifetime, then the ranks would remain somewhat steady (barring those who leave the priesthood for whatever reason or die prematurely). Well, Holy Ghost Parish in Whitman is doing more than its fair share: By next May, three men will have been ordained to the priesthood from the parish over the previous three years. St. Theresa in Roxbury is also listed as the source of an unusual number of vocations.

The Holy Ghost story is unsurprising when I see who the pastor is: Father Bob Reed. I knew Fr. Reed from years ago, as he is a close friend of my brother and his family. In fact, he is my nephew Joseph’s godfather. He is also one fine priest, a dedicated and holy man who has a charismatic and evangelistic zeal. That he would be encouraging many vocations does not surprise me at all, although the current new priests were evidently inspired by previous pastors as well. Well done Fr. Reed.

I’m sure the fact that Holy Ghost has perpetual adoration 24/7 is a factor as well.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli