Vixen Vickie defends pro-abort Teddy

Vixen Vickie defends pro-abort Teddy

The second (or is third?) Mrs. Ted Kennedy has deigned to lecture the rest of us benighted Catholics on why her husband and the rest of the pro-abortion Catholic politicians should be given a free pass to Communion. This is ironic considering her husband, the Swimmer, has never been a paragon of virtue, from the infamous “Easter weekend rape” case at the Palm Beach estate, where Ted was accused by the alleged victim of walking around pants-less and drunk to sordid tales of bacchanalian excess among Ted and some senatorial colleagues in the backrooms of certain DC restaurants.

I hesitate to pay even scant attention to Vickie’s rantings, but since there are some Massachusetts voters who persist in believing that voting for Ted is a Catholic duty, I will try.

  • Why DO Massachusettsites vote for the big Ted?  Could it be:

    1) His walking away from the drowning of a young woman he caused while drunk?

    2) His unencumbered support for abortion and infanticide (which partial-birth abortion is)?

    3) His vilification of the Boy Scouts – the one organization in this country which successfully helps boys become good and moral young men?

    4) His ranting in the Senate?

    5) His glorificatory support of sodomy?

    6)  His hostility to the Catholic Church?

    7)  His alcoholic binges?

    8)  His attributes a a role model for children?

    9)  The dumping of his first wife?

    10) His total lack of humor?

    Hard to tell, hard to tell.  Tough choice, tough choice…

    For many Americans, Massachusetts is becoming bizarro-land…

  • Deny someone their *salvation* by killing them?  That isn’t what happens.  We deny some people *life* in the death penalty but what we cannot know is where they go when they die.  And we should be praying that it is to heaven, not to hell.  We should be praying for their repentance if needed and believing that it could come even at the last moment.  I find it interesting that this woman doesn’t believe that could happen.  Of course only an idiot could write about communion without using the word sin.  And lastly,  if someone chose to sit in the pews and not receive this is not in *any way* excommunication.