Victims complain about O’Malley

Victims complain about O’Malley

I don’t envy Archbishop O’Malley his job. He was almost guaranteed to be attacked from all sides as he came in to clean up the mess in Boston left behind by Cardinal Law. Everybody wants him to make their own particular concern his top priority. That’s why I’m not surprised to see this article from abuse victims claiming that they haven’t had their promised personal meetings with the archbishop.

You might get the impression from the report that a lot of victims have not had their meeting, but that’s not true. He’s met with 110 people and meetings with two dozen others have been postponed since October. He’s been a teensy bit busy with massize funding shortfalls, parish closings, the papal death and election, his own father’s death, and everything else. I know I’ve been critical of him too, especially because of what I think should be his priorities, but of course I don’t see what he sees.

Still, he said he is resuming his meetings with them this month. It’s not going to happen overnight. There’s so much to do, that you wonder if one man can do it all.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli