Vandalism at church

Vandalism at church

  Vandalism at church
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Somebody "celebrated" St. Valentine’s Day by pouring pink or red dye into the fish pond at our parish, Immaculate Conception Church in Salem, Mass. I’m sure the koi goldfish in the pond are dead from the toxic brew. An elderly parishioner had lovingly setup the pond in front of a statue of Mary and all the kids in the parish loved it.

You can’t have something nice because there are jerks who will ruin it. Not the first time the church has been vandalized either. Last time it was "wIccan" teens on Halloween.

  • Apparently, most water dyes and food colorings are harmless to fish. There’s even an early spring anti-algae pond treatment that turns water pink (the coloring blocks certain kinds of light and prevents the algae from growing) and doesn’t hurt fish. So here’s hoping that the pranksters didn’t hurt the koi!

  • Not only did it smell awful; but the water was opaque, a thick, cloudy-looking sludge. I hope the fish are ok; but am skeptical.