Vacation, all I ever wanted

Vacation, all I ever wanted

John Kerry and the anti-Bush nuts of the Democrat Party often criticize George W. Bush for taking too many vacations, while Kerry claims that during the campaign and after (presumably he means after he’s elected, God forbid) he’s working every day for America.

So here’s what we’re going to fight for, and we’re going to fight for it every single day, not just through this election, but from the day we win until the day we raise our hands and every day thereafter. You’re not going to have to look for us on vacation. You’re going to find us working for America.”—- Kerry Delivers Remarks At Campaign Event, Cleveland, OH, 7/7/04

Really? John Kerry has missed more than 80 percent of his Senate votes this year. He doesn’t seem to be doing such a good job for those who voted for him in Massachusetts. Why should the rest of the country think he’s going to do better for them?

And what’s he been doing all this time? The pictures tell the whole story.

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  • I have always laughed when people would charge President Bush, or his father, or President Reagan with ignoring the needs of the country while “on vacation,” wondering who would believe such drivel.  The President is NEVER ON VACATION.  He is constantly briefed on everything.  He has aides, and secretaries always by his side.  He can never “shut it down.  It is ludicrous to think that he does.  Kerry knows this, of course but that doesn’t stop him from making such misleading (lying) statements.