Twister anyone?

Twister anyone?

Some parents out in Seattle are complaining that boys are having to forfeit wrestling matches rather than wrestle girls. But it’s not the parents you’d think who are complaining. The parents of the girls are upset.

The girls stepped onto the mat. Their opponents from Tacoma Baptist and Cascade Christian stayed in their seats. The referee then raised the girls’ hands to signal they’d won by forfeit.

But the easy victories didn’t sit well with the girls, including Meaghan Connors, a seventh-grader at McMurray Middle School on Vashon Island. Her father, Jerry, is prepared to go to court over what he considers a clear case of sex discrimination.

What’s wrong with this guy and the other parents? Do they actually want their girls grappling with boys on a wrestling mat? And why doesn’t anyone care about the potentially embarrassing effect wrestling with girls could have on the poor teenage boys? When you’re a teen boy a stiff wind can cause arousal. Rolling around on a mat with a girl while you’re both wearing the relatively skimpy wrestling uniform is a sight bit worse.

I’m flabbergasted at these parents who actually want their little girls to do this. What happened to little girls just being little girls? Is nothing sacred anymore? This is more of the drive to strip women of their last vestiges of femininity and just make them men with different plumbing.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli