Turning a blind eye to crime

Turning a blind eye to crime

What do you do when state, city, and town officials announce that they will disobey the law? If you’re Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, you capitulate. After telling city and town clerks that they must ask for proof of residency from gays seeking to marry after May 17 (because of a state law that says a license cannot be issued if the marriage would be invalid in their home state), now Romney has flip-flopped. Now anyone claiming a Massachusetts residence won’t have to show proof.

That’s called turning a blind eye to perjury and violation of the residency law.

Well, if they won’t make the clerks enforce the law, maybe they’ll go after the perjurers themselves. Want to place bets on it?

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  • Why do so many of our leaders, from bishops to governors, have such a lack o f cajones? If your not going to back up your words, then don’t say them in the first place. It just makes you look like a dweeb.