No cats allowed

No cats allowed

The Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reports that Pope Benedict’s cats have been barred from the apostolic palace by the Vatican’s administrative services.

New Pope of Rome Benedict XYI, [sic] who moved into the papal quarters last week, faced an unexpected problem him taking two cats to his new home.

Everyone knows about the Pontifffriend. But I will try to remember to do it with love and truth.

  • Dom—this is the meaning of Psalm 85: 10-11: 

    “Kindness and truth shall meet;
    justice and peace shall kiss.
    Truth shall spring out of the earth,
    and justice shall look down from heaven.”

    On “the day of the Lord,” the concept of “truth” and “love”, the concept of “justice” and “peace” will merge, without any earthly contradiction. 

    In fact, in Jesus Christ, the ‘day of the Lord’ is already present.

  • Great post Dom! 

    As a youth, I started down the road of love without truth and was empty and then down the road of truth without love and was empty.

    Now, I frequently, I find myself back on the latter of the two (which is the quick and easy road, especially for a man).  St. Paul’s “sound of a cymbal clanging” comes to mind.

    I find being a father (and husband for that matter) a great weapon against this tendency.  Everyday, my wife and children serve as reminder of the need to live as Bishop Sheen reminds us, for their sake and for my own.

    Its much easier to see my weakness (with respect to this) reflected in my relationships with them than with those outside my home.