Too weird to parody

Too weird to parody

If they’re going to parody themselves, I don’t what I’m here for anymore. To wit: Old Lesbians Organizing for Change. This is what happens when you mix too many liberal special interests in one group: they’re feminists, gay activists, and anti-ageists all in one.

Baby Boomers are such a riot when they get old and crazy.

  • Great way to end pornography as we know it: videotape old lesbians as they organize for change, and sell the DVD as “Old Lesbians Gone Wild!” on late night infomercials

  • making sexuality the centerpiece of your existence is a real great thing….NOT!

  • It rather sounded to me as though they are morphing their “sexuality” centerpiece into the “old” centerpiece, and are still in transition.

    Hey, I’m getting old myself.  I might even be able to relate to them on some level once they get past the lesbian fixiation.  Post-menopausal women are sort of past the heterosexual fixiation as well.  wink  Of course once they schedule the ordination ceremony with the EarthSpirit, I’m outta there.

  • Um, Dom, the Boomers were a riot when they were young and crazy too…

    The chickens (or, old hens – in this case) come home to roost. These are the people who asserted 40 years ago that one should trust no one over 30…

    What goes around, comes around… Ain’t life wonderful!