Tolerance is for when we agree with them

Tolerance is for when we agree with them

A couple of Massachusetts gay activists have decided that they don’t like the democratic process and have set up a web site listing the names and addresses of everyone who signs a petition to have an amendment banning gay marriage put on the ballot. They have named their site Know Thy Neighbor, which is an ironic use pseudo-biblical language, a twisting of the familiar Ten Commandments against which gay marriage is an abomination. Like the Hebrews demanding a golden calf from Aaron at the foot of the mountain of the Lord, they want to use the forms of religion as a tool for expressing their unhappiness with the status quo and their desire to re-shape metaphysical reality to their liking.

Imagine if pro-marriage Christian advocates had something similar. Suppose they listed the names and addresses of every gay couple who had received a marriage license from Massachusetts since the court order went into effect in May 2004. The howls of outrage and protest would be heard from every rooftop in Cambridge and Wellesley and Newton and dozens of other liberal bastions. We’d hear ominous warnings of fundamentalists intimidating and even attacking peaceful gays and their adopted children. We’d be told that it smacks of fascism and stories would be re-told of homicidal anti-abortionists shooting up clinics.

  • It would be interesting to follow the money trail on this, or if any support for putting the website came from individuals in the government.  If so, I suspect there are civil rights implications…

  • Dom –

    I think it would be great if any of us in MA that plan on signing the petition just up and e-mail these guys ahead of time.  Like this:


    I would like my neigbors to know that I think Gay Marriage should be outlawed in MA!  I am going to sign the petition when it becomes available.  But in the meantime, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to just add my name to your list.  Thanks for your assistance and good luck in your endeavor! 


    I’m willing to bet that if enough of us do it, it will cause some measure of aggravation. 


  • I want to send a letter of encouragement to everyone whose name is listed on the site now. What creeps to try to intimidate voters in that way.

    Didn’t the Abp discourage Fr. Tom DiLorenzo from picketing in front of the home of a pro-abortion pol? I hope he has something to say about this site, since the organizers want people to harass the petition signers at their homes. The Abp is pretty strong on the marriage issue, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did condemn this whole thing.

  • “But there is something delicious about the image of lovey-dovey newylwed gays picketing – peacefully and decorously, of course – The New Life Sports Ministry coed volleyball match or the Mom-to-Mom Biblically based parenting classes, both organized by one of the first 30 petition signers. That’s Alana Stubblebine, Lincoln, by the way.”

    The two activities above seem to demonstrate that Alana S is a person who acts in good faith to improve the culture around her. If anyone’s character is suspect here, it is that of the person who would suggest that ridiculing Alana would be funny.

    (Sorry for the double post.)

  • He approved the ballot question. It still needs the signatures to get on the ballot:Yesterday, the anti-gay marriage ballot measure passed another key legal hurdle when it was certified by Attorney General Tom Reilly.
        If backers of the petition are to get the measure on the ballot, the next step is to get 65,825 signatures of registered voters. The necessary signatures must be turned in to Secretary of State William F. Galvin by Dec. 7 for the amendment to be placed on the 2008 ballot.

  • Don’t make light of it, gay rights people are driven by a ideology of power. To get that power they will do anything, and I wouldn’t rule out violence.  I don’t suggest that this discourage people from signing, I just want to suggest that you all be ready for the cross.  I feel it coming.

  • I agree with you, RPF.  Not to scare anyone but they attacked Anita Bryant, Dr. Laura and others.  And of course, Bill Gavin (akak the Prince of Darkness) was quoted in the Herald as saying this is perfectly legal.