This is scary in a “what could have been” way

This is scary in a “what could have been” way

The new book by the former counterterrorism official says that federal officials thought Boston Harbor may have been target on 9/11. Evidently some of the al Quaeda terrorists entered the US on liquified natural gas tankers and that some in the government thought the tankers may have been rigged to explode, which would have been a major explosion, like a min-nuke.

Now, I don’t necessarily give credence to Clarke. There are too many holes in his other stories, but if this is true, it’s still kind of scary to contemplate what might have happened. Wow.

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  • Mark,

    I agree. There is a bit of hysteria in most reporting. You’re not going to cause an explosion by shooting an RPG at it as it passes by. It would have to be a pretty substantial blast to begin with.