Think they might be connected?

Think they might be connected?

I caught about 5 minutes of what I presume was “Dateline NBC” on Sunday night. My roommate was watching it while I was getting some supper. Katie Couric was interviewing Peggy Lipton, the 60s actress who was on the “Mod Squad” TV show. She was the “It Girl” of the time and she’s evidently written a tell-all memoir. (Why does anyone care how these people wasted their lives?)

For the first five minutes Peggy and Katie recounted her sexual escapades with glee; how she bedded uncounted men; her “conquests” (their word) of celebrities like Paul McCartney; whether she felt any guilt about having sex with married men (that would be a no); and so on.

Later they discussed teary-eyed how she was sexually abused as a young girl. Gee, do you think there was any connection here? Of course, you wouldn’t expect Katie to judge the actions of a poster girl of the Sexual Revolution to have anything wrong with them, never mind be the evidence of a pathology connected with abuse.

It’s amazing how blind the culture can be to what seems so obvious to others.

  • “never mind be the evidence of a pathology connected with abuse.”

    You said it. Sexual abuse of girls is a huge problem, and the way many girls relive that later in their life is no longer stigmatized. In fact, as you pointed out, it’s celebrated! Unbelievable. Just another example of how traditional religious values in a culture actually protect women. Thanks for this post, Dom. 

    Joanne smile