They’re baaack!

They’re baaack!

Back by, well, popular demand (?), the St. Louis Jesuits are recording a new album. A friend send along some suggested songs for the new album that are just right our post-“Dallas Policy 2002!” Church:

  • There I go, Lord!  Out the door, Lord!”

  • “Fingerprint Me, O Lord”

  • “Brood of Vipers”

  • “Millstone”

  • “Gehenna”

  • “Judas”

  • “Vomit Ye Forth”

  • “Charter Me”

  • “One Strike and I Was Out”

  • “What Have They Done With Our Songs?”

  • Just a few suggestions, enough for an album or two:

    “On Turkey’s Wings”
    “Singing The Ditty Of God”
    “I Am The Cheese”
    “Blather Us In”
    “Come To The Picnic”
    “We Forget”
    “Sing A New Wrong”
    “Here I Am, Lord… Drunk Again”
    “Create In Me A Deaf Ear”
    “One Bread, Half A Sandwich”
    “Be Not A Frayed”
    “Mass of Cremation”
    ““I Myself Am The Breadstick Of Life”
    “We Are Called (Bad Names)”
    “Withing Seething You”
    “Let Us Break Eardrums Together”

  • “Miss me in St. Lewis!”
    “Voices Have Broken”

    And the the new Veegan smash hit,  “Here I Yam Lord!”

  • Introducing . . .
    The St Louis Jesuits: Singin’ da Blues!

    America’s favorite portly white Jesuit singing group turns its compassionate eyes to The Black Experience! 

    Experience the misery, suffering, and courage reflected in America’s uniquely black music, as filtered through the toe-tapping, down home populist rhythms of these wildly popular jinglemeisters for Jesus!

    You’ll never experience the blues the same way again! 

    – Empty Church Blues
    – Hellhound on My Trail
    – Devil Stole My Vocation
    – (Flatfoot Woman Dance That) Liturgical Boogie
    – Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground, Empty Was the Auditorium
    – Poor Faith a Long Ways From Home
    – EMHC Shivaree
    – Ratzinger Blues
    – Real Bad Ratzinger Blues
    – Real Real Bad Ratzinger Blues
    – Wuz Dat in Da Collection Basket?

  • Hey, maybe they can go on tour with the Village People…..

    Sing to the tune of YMCA…

    “Young man,
    You’re lookin’ real fine
    I said
    Young man,
    Won’t you give me some time,
    I said
    Young man,
    I’m a gay musician,
    And I work – for – the – church – you – know.

    (Everybody sing)
    It’s great to be
    Catholic and Gay!
    It’s great to be both Catholic and gay, hey,

    And our bishops don’t mind
    When we grab that behind,
    ‘cuz that’s what we have them for..

    (chorus again)


  • With apologies to the Village People…

    Faithful, there’s a lot to enjoy.
    I said Faithful, there’s a chance to employ
    All your talents, and I know you’ll feel great
    Standing up there in the sanctuary.

    Ladies, the equality’s yours,
    In the pulpit—just sign up for the tour
    Read the Scriptures to the folks in the pew
    Like the fella in the chasuble.

    It’s great to be in the New RC Church
    It’s great to be in the New RC Church

    You can get yourself fed you can get yourself wed
    And you can pick and choose what to believe.

    It’s great to be in the New RC Church
    It’s great to be in the New RC Church

    The confession line’s gone the Communion line’s long
    And the party’s always in full swing.

  • Where are you Lord?
    Where’d they hide you?
    I don’t know if you are here at all!

    Are you hidden,
    Among those banners,
    Or behind that baptismal waterfall?

    Are they ashamed Lord,
    Of your Presence,
    That they hide you from your people’s sight?

    All I know Lord,
    Is ‘fore next Sunday,
    I will find a church that treats you right!!