They hate us, hate you, and anyone who’s not them

They hate us, hate you, and anyone who’s not them

The pseudo-Christians of Kansas’s Westboro Baptist Church (those of “God hates fags” fame) were in town yesterday, protesting Gay Pride week and outside Catholic churches to boot. Of course, the uninformed are lumping orthodox Catholics in with these loony-bin escapees for an effective rhetorical attempt to confuse the public. “Those practicing Catholics are no different from these haters. You don’t want to be associated with them, do you?,” they ask, conveniently ignoring that the Westboro types would have no more use for me than they do gays.

  • They’re in my town today to protest that a student won an award for writing an essay about Ellen Degenerous as an important woman in history. That Ellen is an important woman in history is dubious, but these protesters give Christians a bad name. It puts those who hold to the Church’s teaching on homosexuality in a bind. These protesters are ignorant hate-mongers(God does not hate fags or anyone else). But you don’t want to come across as endorsing the gay lifestyle either. You need a long sign that reads, “I don’t agree with these bible-thumpin’ Yahoos, but homosexual behavior is a sin. And we need to hate the sin and love the sinner.” Or something like that…

  • But David Parker, 42, who was arrested on trespassing charges at the Joseph Estabrook School in April, challenged the group to move their protest to his front lawn. Parker said he does not share the Topeka group’s views.

    “Do they have the courage to face me instead of small children or will they take the coward’s way out and ignore me,’’ said Parker, who described the group as a “hate church.’’ 

    Right on!

    Fred Phelps is a heresiarch.  His novel heresy, that God hates sinners, is wholly unsupported by Sacred Scripture or Tradition. 

    Phelps, a registered Democrat, has tirelessly served the gay agenda for almost two decades.  Yesterday, his small group of out-of-staters managed to overshadow a much larger rally for David Parker in Wayland.  Gay activists couldn’t stage an effective counter-demonstration in Wayland, but Brookline (where Phelps and his group stood for a few hours) is right on the T!  C’mon.  Look at the photo in the article, and tell me that woman holding the “God Hates America” sign doesn’t look like a little bit masculine, and immodest in dress, too.

    Phelps may not be a fraud, but he is a useful bigot with Democrat Party connections. 

  • Actually, “God hates fags” is worse than heresy, it’s blasphemy, and it merits a stronger response than any the homosexuals can muster.  We must pray and sacrifice for Phelps’s salvation.

  • Last year I had a letter published in Boston Magazine re: homosexual marriage. I was incensed by a photo that accompanied an article on the topic, in which some dimwit was holding a sign that read, “God hates fags.” Controversy and hyperbole sell the media’s product of course, but it’s so irritating that the press takes kooks and extremists and makes it seem that they are representative of the whole group.

  • I was at the rally for David Parker yesterday.  He’s a good man and they had some excellent speakers there.

  • The one time I decided to video the Cathedral protesters—about three years ago, I guess—I ended up getting most of the footage on the Topeka group, rather than the regular “You are all child molesters” gang. Confused, I approached a Call to Action type (“You are all child molesters”) and asked her: “Who are these people?” To which she responded: “They’re a `hate group.’”

    (Like the others were members of a “love group?”)

    Meanwhile, a Dignity International member tried to explain to me that the Topeka group “hated Catholics,” and asked me to tape his comments. My hands were shaking so much I couldn’t do it. At that point, a fellow parishioner greeted me by name. Realizing, apparently, that I wasn’t a press rep, the fellow decided to loudly yell a few well-chosen epithets at my fellow worshippers and me…“Catholics Women: Whores!” being one of them.

    What’s a “hate group” again?

  • They protested outside my home parish near Denver on Easter Sunday.  In case of future run-ins, I hope to memorize that Canto from Dante’s Inferno about the sowers of discord and recite to them the riven Mohammed’s words.