These editors preach it to us

These editors preach it to us

The Cleveland Plain Dealer ironically stands up strongly for Catholic bishops who hold all Catholics to the same moral standard.

But Kerry and a lot of far less famous Catholics argue that they shouldn’t have to give up the Eucharist just because their views on a few hot-button issues differ from the teachings of the church. They’ve got a “church life” and a “state life,” and they believe in maintaining a strict separation. Their faith is personal, they say, and they don’t believe in imposing their Catholic beliefs on anyone else. Man, that has got to be confusing. Not everyone can juggle diametrically opposed positions with the dexterity (or the brazenness) of a John Kerry. But even he is just an imitator. It was another Massachusetts Catholic who, in 1960, whipped up the magic formula that’s been used ever since to make the hypocritical sound noble.

  • John Kerry:  “I’ll not let the promotion of pure evil get in the way of my becoming president…  I’m a principled man…”

  • Even the secular newspaper realizes it because it’s bald-faced plain true. 

    Catholics are their own worst enemies in this.  Stupidity has been rewarded so long, I swear, among Catholics, it’s systemic.

  • Catholics in this country have their consciences shaped more by pop culture and the media than by Mother Church. Guess who is to blame? Is it the engaged couple who learn contraception is morally good in precana? Is it the Catholic high school student who does not know the 10 commandments or what the mass is? Is it the church goer who hears social justice homilies every single week?

    Nope, it is the fault of the bishops for the most part.