The “Vile” File

The “Vile” File

A priest-friend keeps what he calls the “vile” file, a file of clippings that illustrate the most absurd aspects of the post-Vatican II Catholic culture. He’s been emailing some of them around and I thought I’d share them. I’ve put thumbnail clippings here with the full-size scans on the second page following the “More” link.
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  • I have been to an outdoor Mass before—the Pope does it all the time—and it was held on a beach (on Martha’s Vineyard), and there’s nothing wrong with the location per se. But using surfboards as an altar was a bit too much of “throwing pearls before the swine.” It’s just not appropriate.

    I think I mentioned once that when I was in high school on a CYO trip to Florida, our priest celebrated Mass on a moving bus using a cooler as an altar. If I recall it correctly, we were driving through Arlington, VA, at the time, going past the Pentagon. I think that goes beyond the pale of good liturgical practice.