The US bishops decide nothing

The US bishops decide nothing

Apparently the US bishops have formulated a statement on Catholic pro-abortion politicians going to Communion. And the result: nothing. They don’t say anything helpful at all. They just acknowledge that these people shouldn’t go to Communion, but that it’s up to the individual bishop. No appeal to universal Church teaching or canon law, no guidance or directive. Nothing.

Bishop Richard Hanifen, the retired bishop of Colorado Springs, told the newspaper: “There’s a balance. There’s an obvious renewal of the clear commitment we have to life from the beginning of life to the end. There’s never going to be wavering on that. But the individual circumstances each bishop faces in his own dioceses have a lot to do with how each bishop responds.”

My problem in all of this is that what we have from bishops is a big fat nothing. Everyone can go to Communion, apparently, whatever you may have done, whether you have mortal sin or not, whatever you profess in public. It’s just fine. Oh sure, you’re not supposed to go, but they’re not going to do anything if you do.

What’s the point of a prohibition without any enforcement?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli