The Tridentine Mass in Rome

The Tridentine Mass in Rome

So Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos celebrated the Tridentine-rite Mass In Rome. No, there wasn’t a reconciliation with schismatics. No, there wasn’t the introduction of a “universal indult.” All of the rumors appear to have been untrue.

It’s interesting to note that Cardinal Law was in attendance. He was quoted as saying, “I have a lot of esteem for the Tridentine rite.” I know that there would be some people here in Boston that would find that hard to believe. While there is an indult-use parish in the city, some people have told me that they found it difficult to convince the cardinal, when he was here, to allow them to have the Mass in other places. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s what I’ve heard.

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  • I’m with RC. For one thing, it’s my neighhood, or once was…until I moved to Roxbury. Now Holy Trinity is in a much posher neighborhood than I live in! (And I believe my neighborhood—Dudley Square to be precise—is just fine, thanks.)

    Dom? You heard wrong about Cardinal Law, as I gather you know now, thanks in part to Michael. The Mass at Holy Trinity—and it is beautiful—is, sadly, poorly attended.

    It’s one thing to support the indult…it’s quite another, as others have said, to support it via one’s presence.