The state of Kerry’s marriage

The state of Kerry’s marriage

  • First of all, his second marriage to Teresa Heinz was INVALID rather than illicit.  He could not contract a marriage, in the eyes of the Church, because he was already married.

    Secondly, if they have not had their marriage solemnized by the Church, both are living in a grave state of sin, objectively speaking.

    Lastly, I would go so far as to say that Kerry is no longer Catholic as he manifestly rejects the teaching of the Church by his pro-death/pro-murder position.  His latest acts of committing sacrilege by receiving Holy Communion when he understands from his bishop that he is to abstain is a balatant rejection of the Church.  And the act of receiving communion from a protestant minister in the AME Church appears to be a formal act of defection.

  • It would only be invalid if he wasn’t later granted the declaration of nullity. If the annulment is granted, then the Church is saying he wasn’t sacramentally married to Thorne, and thus the marriage to Heinz would only be illicit for having failed to get the Church’s declaration first, presuming upon the nullity.

  • Yes if your marriage is annulled you receive a letter that is notarized stating that it is annulled and you also receive two copies to use for any future marriage. So IF Kerry has had his marriage what is he not showing this to the world? Maybe because it doesn’t exist? He would have also receive a letter detailing why the annulment was not granted also.
    Being such a faithful Catholic where is his degree of nullity, maybe the same place the his Catholic knowledge of the church’s teaching’s are, Pius XXIII anyone? He needs someone to give him the true teachings and quit making a mockery of our faith.