The sorry state of conspiracy theorists

The sorry state of conspiracy theorists

In an apparent attempt to prove that the World Trade Center was not brought down by two aircraft crashing into it on 9/11 (probably to prove that Bush did it), some dim bulb at Democratic Underground concocted the type of experiment that would be dreamed up by a couple of guys smoking pot in their mom’s basement. He took some paving stones, chicken wire, and a cup of kerosene and “proved” that the jet fuel in the two fully loaded airliners couldn’t have melted the steel in the high rises.

What I conclude is that a fairly flimsy steel structure does not distort and bend and collapse very easily from a simple hydrocarbon fire. And thus, it is not clear why the much stronger steel columns in the WTC towers weakened so much from fires that the towers underwent global collapse.

“Perhaps if we built a giant wooden badger.”

[Link via Right Wing News.]

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