The real problem with closing churches

The real problem with closing churches

The Boston Globe has identified the real human rights abuse of the closing parishes in Boston: The end of bingo. Yep, a 33-year tradition of Church-sponsored gambling to support parishes and schools is going away, not just because of parish closings, but also from increased competition from state lotteries and Indian casinos.

The church abuse scandal and the closing of dozens of churches in the Boston Archdiocese have cut deeply into remaining support and venues. Nearly 50 percent of the games in the state are connected to Catholic churches. The Sacred Heart game, played every week without interruption for more than 33 years, is slated to be closed along with the church after Easter.

Which is being mourned: the closing church or the ending of the bingo game? Does the bingo game exist for the parish or vice versa. Reading the article, I have to wonder whether some of those people are exactly clear on it.

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  • Bingo is going to die due to demographics, the aging population of the urban churches. Several parishes around here have quietly dropped Bingo. What takes its place? Things like Theology on Tap and 7:30 Holy Hours/Benediction. A Sunday afternoon showing of The Passion, followed by discussion.

    A good trade if you ask me. It shows what the younger parishoners are into.