The Pope’s witness reaches even hardened journalists

The Pope’s witness reaches even hardened journalists

For those, including myself, who think that the secular media only concentrates on the bad stuff going on in the Church or those who dissent from her teachings, we have evidence that it is not always so. The Dallas Morning News today has an editorial praising Pope John Paul’s witness of Christian love through his own suffering through his trip to Slovakia.

John Paul’s ministry     in these grueling final days of his life draws attention to the dignity of every human, no matter how sick or frail, and invites the world to show compassion to and solidarity with all souls burdened by infirmity.

It goes on to connect this teaching with euthanasia, abortion, genetic experimentation, and the deaths of 15,000 people in France over the summer, most of them elderly people forgotten by their children.

This from a secular newspaper that some have accused of having a bias against the Church. Maybe, but I know I would never see this editorial in the Boston Globe. Perhaps in Dallas, the Catholic message is getting through in unexpected places.

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  • Yep, Rod has said he wrote it, but that the suggestion for the editorial came from someone in the newsroom who you normally would not think was moved by Christian witness or any message of the Pope. If you ever read the DMN’s editorial blog, you see that Rod is lone voice of conservatism in the newsroom there.