The Pope’s health

The Pope’s health

The Pope is visiting Slovakia this week and while every news report, it seems, starts with the obligatory reference to his failing health (he is getting older every day), this time there may be real reason for concern. We’re reporting at Catholic World News that everyone acknowledges that the Pope has never looked this bad.

Some Vatican sources are even saying that all plans for further papal trips after Slovakia have been suspended and admits that the Pope’s health has been declining seriously in the past few months.

Say a few prayers for the Holy Father and for the Church today. Apart from a concern at the decline a man I consider to be a future saint and a great man of the Church, this also inevitably brings up other concerns. You can’t help but think about the wider implications.

For one thing, the College of Cardinals is seriously depleted with a lot of recent deaths and passing of maximum voting age. A consistory appointing new cardinals is not expected before February, although I suppose they could throw one together quickly. Still, it would be dramatic if a conclave had to be held with the current depleted college before new bishops like Sean O’Malley can be elevated. Just some things to think and pray about.

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