The Pope’s condition

The Pope’s condition

Fox News is reporting that an Italian news agency has said that the Pope’s condition has taken a turn for the worse. I don’t have any more information than that and am waiting for our Rome correspondent to notify us if there’s any real information. Until you can verify such things from two or more sources in Rome, I suggest you treat it as the rumor that it is.

That said, a few prayers for the Holy Father would not be out of order.

Update: CNN is reporting that he has received the last rites. Other sources say he’s had a urinary tract infection and is receiving antibiotics. Stay tuned.

Update 2: For those of you who are unaware, “last rites” does not necessarily mean death is imminent. It is more properly known as the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick and it is done for anyone who is seriously ill, and an 84-year-old man with the Pope’s health problems certainly qualifies. In other words, it doesn’t tell us anything either way.