The Pope on pro-abort Catholic pols

The Pope on pro-abort Catholic pols

The Pope told a group of visiting US bishops that they need to remind lay Catholic that they must follow the Church’s teaching in private and public life. I wonder whatever he could mean.

He began his remarks by saying he appreciated the “outstanding contribution” lay Catholics have made to the growth and expansion of the church in the United States. But the pope said “serious pastoral problems” have been created by ambiguity over the relationships among personal conscience, truth and the social order.

Could those serious problems include confusion among average Catholics on their duty not to vote for pro-abortion politicians? Could it also include confusion whether pro-abortion Catholic politicians must be refused Communion? Cardinal McCarrick says there’s no confusion. His task force says it’s up to each individual bishop to decide. So why is the Pope bringing it up now?

  • This is just strange.  I’m sorry, but the pope who kissed the Koran, appointed Cardinal Mahoney, presided over the collapse of Christianity in Europe, says the abuse scandal was only a media adventure—and still refuses to govern—is telling laypeople to obey the rules of the church?

    Got news.  There are quite a few laypeople who are going to obey the rules whether the pope insists on it or not, which he won’t.  He never insists on anything because he won’t govern. 
    The ones who are not obeying the rules are not going to do it because he says so.  He won’t insist and they won’t need to resist because they’ve all got each other’s numbers cold.  This is an exercise in blowing hot air.

    Perhaps it is an attempt at governing and for that I guess I should be happy.  But he’d ought to look at his bishops—they need to follow a few rules.  Okay, a lot of rules.  Some of them are out of control…I’m thinking of the seminary bishop in Austria from this last fall as I type….