The Pill from Hell

The Pill from Hell

Barbara Kralis writes that the FDA’s advisory panel has recommended over-the-counter sales of abortifacient “morning-after” pills, also called “emergency contraception.” Of course, they’re not that at all. Apart from the immorality of artificial contraception, the pills also abort fertilized eggs, embryonic unborn children. They can also cause ectopic pregnancies, which mimic some of the side effects of the drug, such that women who think nothing’s wrong could end up with serious problems, possibly including death.

The merchants of death at Planned Parenthood know that fertility is their enemy, it is “bondage” for women’s servitude and must be fought at all costs. As one feminist said, “All sex, including marital sex, is rape.” That is the thinking of these people. So, for them, it is important that you get the pill in as many hands as possible, making even more random, loveless couplings possible. Even more danage to society will result. Just sick.

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  • I debate putting this information out there, because I failed to get the speaker/doctor/bonehead’s name who said the following, but I do so to show just how lost abortionists and Planned Parenthood types are.

    I was listening briefly, to an interview on NPR of one of the doctors who has been involved with this “pill”.  In response to a caller’s question that it is in fact an abortifacient, he said “Well, if that’s true, then God is the ultimate abortionist-after all, 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.”

    Now, does that mean that God is unmerciful and a tyrrant because he decides when each of us will draw our last breath? Silly me, I thought God, the author of life was the only one who gets to decide when life begins and when life ends.  It reminds me of the original sin: we think we are equal to God and can decide good and evil. 

    While miscarriage is sad, I wish I could find this guy dare him to face God with such an arrogant attitude. 

    It’s a sad day. Not hopeless, but sad.