The motives

The motives

So the US bishops are set to approve a new Catechism for adults, an effort to help educate about what the Church teaches, i.e. what God wills. So how does the media spin it?

The nation’s Catholic bishops opened their annual meeting Monday with plans to take their pleas for loyalty to traditional church teachings directly to the 67 million Catholics across the United States. Facing deep divisions in their church over issues ranging from abortion to gay rights, the bishops talked about issuing three major pastoral messages.

Right. This about loyalty, about shoring up support. In others, as usual, the media template for the Church is politics, factionalism, and relativism. It couldn’t possibly be that the Church actually believes all of these things to be infallible truths. It’s that it wants to control people by getting them to believe “traditional” teachings.

I guess when you don’t believe anything yourself, it’s hard to attribute faith and sincerity to someone else.