The Mojave cross in the middle of the desert that offends the ACLU

The Mojave cross in the middle of the desert that offends the ACLU

How much does the ACLU despise any public expression of Christianity? Enough that they are suing to have a cross in the middle of the Mojave desert memorializing World War I soldiers removed.

The Mojave Desert World War I Veterans Memorial consists of 2 pipes joined into a rough cross that was placed on what was then private land 12 miles from the closest regularly traveled road more than 70 years ago. But when Bill Clinton incorporated the land in the Forest Service as one of his last acts in office, the ACLU mobilized to get the tiny cross removed, lest it offend the coyotes and iguanas. A federal judge agreed in 2002, ordering it removed. When Congress passed a law turning the land back to over to private hands in a land swap, the ACLU sued again and the judge upheld it. Now, while appeals are pursued, the cross has been covered up with plywood so that it now looks like a blank billboard, symbolically evocative of the ACLU’s own philosophy, I think. You can see a photo of it at the link above and the same site also has a brief movie about the cross.

According to WorldNetDaily:

Veterans in the 2.7-million member American Legion have vowed to fight against the destruction of the veterans memorial, and stand up to the ACLU. The Legion is calling on Congress to amend the Civil Rights Act, 42 United States Code Section 1988, to eliminate the power of judges to award the ACLU attorney fees – to be paid by taxpayers – in this and other “Establishment Clause” cases.

Let’s hope that this sham lawsuit becomes the spark that eventually cuts of the ACLU from this lucrative funding source that is self-perpetuating anti-Christian scheme.

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