The Lidless Eye is watching you!

The Lidless Eye is watching you!

A self-identified liberal ... I mean ... progressive Catholic blogger has set up a new web site called the Index Blogorum Prohibitorum, on which he will list, in his words, “those Catholic weblogs and websites whose content is objectionable.” By objectionable he evidently means that they are loyal and profess to the Catholic Church’s immutable and publicly proclaimed teachings on a variety of topics. Based on his first two listings, it seems he’s most concerned about the Church’s teachings on sexuality.

He rates the sites among three levels: Questionable, Objectionable, and Offensive. The youth-oriented web site Phatmass gets the stinging Objectionable rating, mainly for the level of discourse in its discussion forums. The only actual blogger to receive the honor of a listing (so far) is Bill Cork who gets the light tap of Questionable.

Personally, I’m hoping for an Offensive rating for my blog.

In fact, I am a bit offended that Bill and Phatmass got listed first. Surely I have been solidly on the forefront of saying that homosexuality is a root cause of the Scandal, that same-sex marriage is a bad joke, that the Church’s teachings on sexuality are unassailable, and that Howard Dean and John Kerry are weenies. (Don’t ask me why, but I suspect that the latter is a criterion for inclusion.)

Here’s hoping the Lidless Eye turns my way.

Seriously, doesn’t it just smack of the joylessness and oversensitivity of liberals that rather than make a (positive) list of web sites he agrees with, instead he makes a (negative) list of sites he disagrees with. And just who does he think is going to use his list as a guide? For me, and I’m sure for many of you, it’s just a source of amusement. I give him my pity.

Update: Alas, he has taken the site down. Good move.