The last acceptable prejudice

The last acceptable prejudice

If this were to happen anywhere else it would be deemed a hate crime. A group of homosexual activists are going to disrupt Mass at Boston’s cathedral during the reading of a letter from the bishop urging Catholics to support marriage and family against same-sex “marriage.” According to this article, the self-proclaimed queers plan to walk out or even stand and kiss. They claim it’s not in violation of a state law that forbids the disruption of religious worship. I’d like to see that tested in court.

I hope Kelly Clark lets us know what actually happened today. I don’t expect anybody will be arrested. It’s okay when Catholics are attacked for expressing their beliefs, but if they were Muslim, Jews, or even homosexuals disrupted by their opponents, it would be very different.

  • Well…what Carol said, I guess.

    For those interested in the condensed version:

    About 7-12 folks stood up, and faced the back o’ the church during Father Roche’s sermon. Then they left…before the collection, natch.

    The signs the folks carried outside were, alas, obliterated pretty much by the rain. One looked like it read: “Gays Demand Mars!”

    For what was touted as a “Very Unique” (as opposed to what—“Sorta Unique?”) protest, it was pretty…uh, limp.

    Personally, I’m more ticked off by the pre-hype.

    The parish had to call in more detail cops, those of us who knew about it slept badly last night, and, it was pretty tense during the Liturgy of the Word. All for a few idiots who thought they were being “unique” by doing something folks have been doing for weeks now.

    The hero o’ the day (after Jesus, naturally) was Father Bill Roche…he was, as always, unflappable.

    In conclusion: the “Unique Protest” turned out to be a Dreary Dud.

    The Mass, on the other hand, was spectacular!

    Kelly <——-more than willing to accede to the rather, uh, queer demand for Mars wink

  • Oh, it was defintely disturbing.

    And, in my non-legal mind, illegal.

    They disrupted a worship service. Disrupting worship services is illegal.