The Jesuit tradition

The Jesuit tradition

Ah, the incongruities of Jesuit university life. On the one hand, a large group of Boston College students stage a protest walkout of someone speaking against gay marriage, and it is hailed as a triumph of “correct thought.” Meanwhile, on the very same page of the college newspaper, we are treated to a story about a protest against the defense contractor Raytheon.

On the gay marriage protest, the speaker was Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute, and he was invited to speak by Fr. Ron Tacelli and the campus St. Thomas More Society. You have to wonder why these people came in the first place. I suspect that they intended to walk out all along, especially since most of them said they attending a pro-gay counter-protest. Of course, the lemming effect can’t be discounted either:

Though reluctant to leave at first, Lulu Wang, A&S ‘05, felt compelled to join in this silent protest. “It was a powerful movement. Everyone was leaving, and I wanted to be a part of it,” said Wang.

If everybody else jumped off a bridge .... Never mind. Still, it’s apparent that the presentation of principles related to Catholic moral teaching was not welcome at this Jesuit university.

  • In an interesting further development, Mr. Del Ponte was relieved of his duties for use of the grotesquely patriarchal and exclusive term “Kingdom.”

    In reparation for his social sins, he will write “Reign” on the board 500,000 times.

  • Lulu and her pals can keep right on walking into the Episcopal Church.

    Bishop O’Malley….keep closing those parishes! They are not teaching Catholicism to the kids anyways.

    In the words of Father Groeschel, “We need to get smaller.”

    He came for the many, not all.

  • It can be really unsettling to be in the midst of the lemming effect.

    I saw it happen at Kent State in 1970, where the student body president rallied the students around the idea of a protest march.  Most likely the majority did not know they were marching behind the Viet Cong flag. 

    Watching this young man manipulate the crowd in the auditorium into leaving the building and marching around the campus was a lesson that was burned into my mind with a fiery brand, one I will never forget.

    College students are especially vulnerable to the lemming effect.

  • Fr. Groeschel said, “We need to get smaller?”  When did he say this??

    I’m not saying he’s wrong, BTW, (or not).  I’m just surprised to hear this quoted.  Show me the quote please?