The Instruction is nothing new

The Instruction is nothing new

With the new Vatican directive on the admittance of homosexuals to seminaries, we are seeing the usual suspects like “gay and celibate” priest Fr. Gerard Thomas getting the vapors over the coming “purge” of the priesthood. Ironically, Thomas is one of the few who actually understand what the document is saying.

First, no matter how it is applied or interpreted or read by superiors and seminary rectors, this document will have the immediate effect of turning away any gay man who understands that he is gay. Any healthy, emotionally mature gay man will more than likely identify himself as someone with “deeply rooted homosexual tendencies,” in the words of the Instruction. For some reason, the rest of the media seem to think the big news is that Vatican bans “sexually active” gays or “transitory gays.”

Exactly. Of course, I think that “healthy, emotionally mature gay man” is an oxymoron, but then that disagreement is to be expected.

What’s funny is that Thomas and Andrew Sullivan and the rest of the cast of characters wailing and gnashing teeth over the reformation of seminaries into gulags miss the point entirely.

There is nothing new about this instruction.

This is not a new teaching. This is the same, old teaching and set of rules that have been in place for decades, right back to that 1961 instruction that said homosexuals are unsuitable for the priesthood. In fact, what all these people are complaining about losing has been forbidden all these years. Ordination of men with deep-seated homosexual tendencies has never been allowed. Any gay men who made it to ordination have been incidental and hopefully were men for whom homosexuality was a transitory phase.

What they are all complaining about losing is something they never had in the first place.

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