The Grand Inquisitor has spoken

The Grand Inquisitor has spoken

Apparently, I am a formal cooperator in grave evil because I am a former editor at Catholic World News and current editor of Catholic World Report, both of which publish work by the pseudonymous Diogenes.

Mark Shea links to a recent sample of the writing of “Diogenes” at Catholic World News’s Off the Record blog.

Since fans of “Diogenes” seem to like plain speaking, let me speak plainly:

What “Diogenes” does at “Off the Record” is evil.

Gravely evil. Mortally sinfully evil. Putting his immortal soul at risk of damnation evil.

By their formal support for “Diogenes,” the editors of Catholic World News are formal cooperators in this grave evil. Formal cooperation in grave evil is gravely evil.

In the comments, the pseudonymous blogger at Disputations says that he has only said what can be “objectively demonstrated.”

Funny, but I guess he’d find people from a certain parish in Newton that would agree that I am in mortal sin.

In any case, since I am so dull-witted, I have had to beg enlightenment from the Grand Inquisitor. I fail to see exactly what has been “objectively demonstrated,” and await his mercy.