The Globe discovers major news

The Globe discovers major news

  • Heh heh, Jen, it’s like a disease with me. I can’t help it!

    Brian, you are more right than you know. It turns out the Globe has been sniffing around the recent dismissal of the head of the local Catholic healthcare network, trying to see the “real” reason behind why he was fired. They’re looking for something to flog him with in the papers.

  • Sounds like you went to a Japanese restaurant. What’s the difference, really?

    The point of the exercise is that washing someone else’s feet is a dirty and humiliating exercise and it imitates the Lord. What’s the matter, Father, don’t want to embrace the cross and follow the Lord? He should have just skipped it. I certainly wouldn’t have let him wash my hands.

  • I totally agree with Dom…what a “non-story!”

    On the other hand, for those of us of the female persuasion at Holy Cross Cathedral, the news of the Archbishop’s preference was music to our ears!

    You wouldn’t believe the way it was done in the past—or maybe you would.

    Talk about PC…we had to make sure that not only both cultures were equally represented (English speaking and Latino) but also both genders. Which meant 3 Latino women, 3 Latino men, 3 English speaking men and 3 English speaking women. The women hated it, for various reasons…some theological, some more mundane. (The Panty Hose Issue comes immediately to mind.)

    Most Holy Thursdays found the hapless rector or emcee frantically trying to fill the “quota” at the last minute. This year was an absolute joy.

    Women priest-wanna-be’s in a snit about not getting their feet washed are totally missing the point, aren’t they? They outta be fighting for the right to do the washing…not the “privilege” of having their freshly manicured tootsies bathed. Sheesh.