The gay fifth column in the Church

The gay fifth column in the Church

An openly homosexual deacon in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Eric Stoltz, says he knows Catholic bishops who predict the Church will recognize gay unions, who have gay couple friends, and who attend all-gay dinner parties.

“Have you noticed that I named no names in this article? What does that say for a Church that proclaims that “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free?” On the day that I can name names in this article, pastors, people and parishes, we will all be truly free. Until then, we will continue to struggle against the imperfection of the Church, gay and straight, to the day when we can clearly hear the cleansing wind of Pentecost call us to perfect honesty and unity in the Risen Lord. Until then, life goes on in the City of Angels.”

As “Thomistic” of Roman Catholic Blog, where this was posted, says Why not name names? Wouldn’t telling the truth now set you free? Because this is the mindset, to play as a fifth column within the Church, because he knows the truth, that what he proposes is not legitimate Catholic teaching and that it can only happen by secretly gaining power and then undermining the Church from within.

I would welcome Stoltz’s revelations because then we could all deal with the reality in the light of day and all Catholics could then see their pastors and bishops for who they are. Or is Stoltz afraid that the “coming out” party would not be welcomed by the people? Let’s find out.

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  • So, I, uh, guess it’s not that Eric Stoltz (like the one I had a crush on in the ‘80’s!) . . .

    I think people like Deacon Stoltz play coy like this b/c they feel it gives them more negotiating power. These people truly believe that if they keep agitating, changes they want in the Church will come to pass, and because U.S. (and other western) bishops waffle and crumble and allow as much nonsense as possible within their jurisdictions, the agitators are only reinforced in their belief. Unfortunately, what Mr. Stoltz really wants is never going to come to pass, at least in the authentic Church . . . but, also unfortunately, that doesn’t mean our shepherds can’t keep waffling along for awhile yet.

  • Perhaps actions like this deacon’s are meant to imitate Iago’s waving handkerchief: sow doubt and discord about all bishops to weaken the faithful’s loyalty further.

  • Gee, considering it’s LA/Mahonyland, I didn’t think it was a question worth asking (though there are no “stupid” questions!!) . . .

  • Has this deacon prayerfully reflected on the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s teaching under the Eighth Commandment? Have we?

    As much as heterodox clerics and hierarchs (yes deacons and religious as well) as well as lay people are a problem for the Church today, how much of a problem are those incessantly muckraking, harping on real or imagined sins and failures of those within the Church, spreading mistrust, fear, gloom and despair.

    Secularism lives and acts AS IF God did not exist. How about Catholics and Christians who live, think and act AS IF Christ has not redeemed us by His Cross and Resurrection?

    Christus vincit, Christus imperat, Christus regnat!

  • The deacon does not name names becuase he would lose his power if the truth came out. I think a lot of bishops act the way they do because somebody has something on them.