The freak show

The freak show

If nothing else, this week’s DNC has been an opportunity to observe human nature at its weirdest, especially among the protesters. Just read this story. We’re treated to the world’s dumbest protesters.

On Tuesday, police found another teen near the “protest pen” carrying a balloon filed with urine. The balloon burst on the teen when he was approached by police and the teen was not arrested.

The cops probably thought having to ride home on the T in urine-soaked clothing was punishment enough. Or how about this one?

In another incident, two protesters locked themselves to gates near the FleetCenter but freed themselves and left the area when they were threatened with arrest.

Isn’t the point of handcuffing yourself to something as a protest to tell others that nothing will prevent your from protesting, including getting arrested? Why bother chaining yourself to something if you’re just going to unlock yourself at the first threat of arrest?

This morning Fox News Channel was interviewing people in the “free speech zone,” the razor-wired pen where demonstrators are supposed to go, and it was obvious that media vastly outnumbered protesters. The only ones left were apparently diehard 60s radicals pining for the good old days and the certiably crazy conspiracy theorists.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli