The forty-eight blind mice

The forty-eight blind mice

Forty-eight Catholic members of Congress have protested that denying them the Eucharist would actually encourage anti-Catholic bigotry. Yeah, see it’s better to be well-liked while watering down the truth, than it is to stand up for the truth. Although there is that pesky reading about the martyrdom of St. Stephen coming up on Sunday, and the remembrance of all those martyrs who were willing to die before compromising on the faith.

And then today is the memorial of St. Christopher Magallanes and companions, a priest and 24 others who died at the hands of a virulently anti-Catholic Mexican government in the 1920s rather than compromise their faith.

  • I was surprised (maybe not) to see the name of Chicago’s very own Congressman Luis V Gutierrez listed.  I queried him in an email as to when he had rejoined the Catholic Church.  I thought that, in fairness to all of his constituents, he belonged to the Church of the Holy Chameleon.

    As for some of the other quite recognizable names, does anyone who has not dropped lysergic acid recently take Congressman Dennis Kucinich seriously?

    Then again, with their lowering of the lifeboats off of the great ship America, does anyone take the Democratic Party seriously?  If so, please head for Fantasy Island.

  • “The letter labeled the communion threats “deeply hurtful,” and “miring the Church in partisan politics.”“

    Murdering babies is deeply hurtful to GOD and mires His Church in evil and sin.

  • Dear Sinner:

    You don’t understand!!!  These are Catholics who neither believe in sin unless it is voting for Republicans and expect that God is just neato, forgiving, full of mercy, would never condemn them as they are good liberals.  The Church to them, if they attend, is a great place to press the flesh on Sunday, may have toe-tapping music, and allows them to fill in the Religion question for their campaign materials and website.

    Whoa that you should ever think that they would murder babies!  No, no, they are for a woman’s right to choose (to murder babies).

  • Hi John Hetman –

    I do understand!  I do understand!  It’s a sin to believe in sin, and we’re all gonna go to heaven.  Church (and life) is a place to feel good, not to be good.  Morality is whatever we feel like we’d like it to be…
    As Jesus said – Many will call ‘Lord, Lord,’ and he (the bridegroom) will say:  Truly I say to you, I never knew you. ” Seriously, we must pray for lost souls, and try to reach out to them.  But they will have to turn their faces to Christ… – and in our Church, many are (sadly) turned the other way…