The capo di LA

The capo di LA

The NCR‘s John Allen interviews Cardinal Mahony. You know, my disappointment in how the Holy Father has dealt with the Scandal is abated a little when I realize that he’s being shoveled BS like this by his cardinals, often the same guys who have created the problem.

Speaking of BS, it was hip deep right around the part where he said he’s shocked and appalled that the US bishops are not addressing the concerns of the National Review Board and their audits during the June meeting. He’s so full of it; just look at his “cooperation” with criminal investigators and victims in his archdiocese and his attempts at obstructing every possible inquiry into his actions. Remember back in April 2002 when he said publicly that he would have difficulty just walking down the aisle of his cathedral, nevermind continuing on as archbishop, if he had failed his responsibilities like Cardinal Law? Oh really, well Your Eminence, the evidence of the past two years is in: What say you now?

The interview is really remarkable in the sense of a disconnect. If you didn’t know anything about the mess in Los Angeles, and Stockton before that, you’d think that Mahony is eminently reasonable. But when you look at his track record, he’s saying the exact opposite in some cases of his own actions, and what he said himself in those once-secret emails. I think Gov. Keating was right. It’s like La Cosa Nostra.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli