The campus revival

The campus revival

“How could Jesus possibly ever compete with the female orgasm?”

That’s how this article, which quotes me, begins. But it’s not as bad as that. The story is about how Salem State College was hosting a Jesus Festival (Protestant, of course) and how there seems to be a revival of faith on campus. Remember, this is Blue State Massachusetts here. Salem State is where they occasionally have “wear jeans to support the gays” days. (Never mind that everybody wears jeans otherwise.) And where, as the story alludes, the college was hosting a discussion of the female orgasm as part of Women’s History Month. Melanie teaches there; she can tell all sorts of stories.

But there is also a new Christian awakening there and among other young adults as well, where faith is becoming cool, which is where I came in:

“Kids are definitely gravitating that way,” says Salem’s Dominico Bettinelli, the managing editor of the Catholic World Report and the education director at the Immaculate Conception church in Salem. “Expressing your faith is not so stodgy anymore. It’s not just for little grandmothers in church anymore. It’s becoming hip.”