The bureaucratic mindset

The bureaucratic mindset

After I posted the other day about the USCCB banning a podcast that used the New American Bible, Fr. Bob Carr of the Catholicism Anew blog actually called and talked to someone in the permissions office. This is his experience:

I called the head of the permissions department and got her side of the story of the podcaster told to cease and desist. I told her as a priest that we were tired of being made to look stupid by these situations.

She cited issues of copyright infringement and ensuring the liturgical texts were correct. I told her someone was just trying to share the gospel with shut-ins. We went back and forth and she cited issues of making sure the texts were always correct and that words were not left out. I responded with that this was about sharing the gospel.

She then said it would take a full thirty hours to check out the podcasts. I said “Thirty hours????? That is not even one week. How many hours do you think priests work?”