The benefits of telecommuting

The benefits of telecommuting

Allow me to gloat for a moment. How cool is technology? This morning I’m working from Panera, a hip sandwich shop/bakery, that’s down the street from my house. They have free Wi-Fi so I’m able to get online and work while I drink my coffee and have a croissant. Mmmm.

As Rush Limbaugh says, it doesn’t matter where “here” is, as long as I’m here. I love my job.

  • It’s cool enough that you can work from home. Now you can work at Panera? That’s awesome! ‘m a jealous man.

    By the way, there’s a Panera across the street from my office too. If you’ve never had the Cinnamon Crunch bagel, you’ve got to try one.

  • Dom,
    For lunch try the Turkey Artichoke on Basil Pesto Focaccia with the baked potato soup. Excellent. Had it for lunch today. Around the StL area it is known as the St Louis Bread Co. (Only regrets about the place is I didn’t buy any stock in it when it came out. Zoomed!)

  • I’ve never heard of Panera, so I checked the link you provided and found one about 20 miles from me.

    Next time I’m in the area, I’ll give it a try.  The food sounds terrific.

  • Since I was sitting on the stool next to you for awhile, I concur:  I like Panera and I love my job, too!

  • I too love telecommuting. My company has set-up our systems so that I could work from Panera if I wanted, but my boss would probably look at me funny, if I did…

    I telecommute on days when the weather is nasty or my children have doctor’s appointments, etc…