The BBC’s bias

The BBC’s bias

You think the media in the US is biased against the Church. Check out the BBC. The archbishop of Glasgow lays out a damning series of charges: The “Sex and Holy City” program it aired last October for the Pope’s 25th anniversary and Mother Teresa’s beatification; the offensive “Popetown” cartoon; and the “hounding” of Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor about old sex abuse charges. Actually, the last one isn’t so damning.

I didn’t hear the coverage so I can’t be sure if it was perhaps in bad taste or salacious or “rude and prejudiced” as Archbishop Conti said it was, but I hope he’s not saying that trying to root out the sex abuse cover up is a priori prejudice.

And some members of parliament are getting into the act as well, bringing the subject up for debate. This is what happens when you set up a semi-autonomous publicly funded broadcast medium.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli