The BBC’s bias

The BBC’s bias

You think the media in the US is biased against the Church. Check out the BBC. The archbishop of Glasgow lays out a damning series of charges: The “Sex and Holy City” program it aired last October for the Pope’s 25th anniversary and Mother Teresa’s beatification; the offensive “Popetown” cartoon; and the “hounding” of Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor about old sex abuse charges. Actually, the last one isn’t so damning.

I didn’t hear the coverage so I can’t be sure if it was perhaps in bad taste or salacious or “rude and prejudiced” as Archbishop Conti said it was, but I hope he’s not saying that trying to root out the sex abuse cover up is a priori prejudice.

And some members of parliament are getting into the act as well, bringing the subject up for debate. This is what happens when you set up a semi-autonomous publicly funded broadcast medium.

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  • I’m not sure how Vatican II is responsible for the BBC’s bias and prejudice. In any case, I’m not one of those people who blame Vatican II for anything wrong in the Church or society. The problem isn’t the documents, but those who twisted their meaning into something called “the spirit of Vatican II,” which provided cover forthe advancement of their own agendas over the past 40 years.