The ball’s in your court, Your Excellency

The ball’s in your court, Your Excellency

Eight priests who had been privately ordered by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix to remove their names from a pro-gay statement have ignored him. Only one has obeyed. That priest, Father Chris Carpenter, said he did it “in fidelity to my promise of obedience and respect for the bishop of Phoenix and in the interest of parish and diocesan unity.” Bravo, Father.

Now it’s up to the Bishop Olmsted to prove that he’s more than just words, that the disobedient priests’ actions have consequences. After all, that was what the Scandal was about: bishops failing to take action against priests who spit upon their vows and their duty. From what I’ve seen of Bishop Olmsted, I don’t doubt he will do what’s right.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli