The audit ado about nothing

The audit ado about nothing

So the audit of US dioceses for compliance with Charter for Protection of Young People is done. As the press release says all dioceses are compliant or partially compliant with the Charter. Is this supposed to be news? Are we supposed to pat them on the back for protecting children?

It says that the auditors—mostly former FBI agents—issued recommendations or instructions to many of the parishes. What were those recommendations based on? To put it another way, what safeguards were put in place to ensure that recommendations and audit criteria are based on Catholic moral teaching?

More specifically, did Boston get a passing grade for implementing Talking about Touching? I guess it did.

By the way, how goes the audit and review of seminaries and houses of formation mandated by the same meeting that mandated the Charter? Seems it isn’t getting the same priority as this is, probably because the secular media doesn’t care whether the seminaries are orthodox, but does care about policies and procedures to prevent molestation of children.

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  • You’re right, Rod, although my comment was so much directed at the media as it was at the bishops. The bishops are only going to do what will get them good press. Since the media don’t care about whether seminaries are orthodox (and understandably, as you point out), the bishops not doing anything about it.